Ship Concierge Services

Sree Krishna Shipping, Hospitality and Concierge Services provide a specialized freight concierge desk with a 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year support. Our team of specialized staff, provide unique freight concierge and personalized courier services to meet your critical needs. Whether you have an urgent express delivery, interstate parcel or require a courier to make sure your parcel arrives on time, we offer a complete freight concierge center and experience to make your job easier. Not only will we take the stress out of managing the process, we offer access to over 200 products across the world. Our online booking and freight calculator facitilies can provide you with an instant price, but also offer multiple options of other services which you can offer your clients. Sree Krishna Shipping, Hospitality and Concierge Services currently provides freight concierge services to a large of accommodation facilities, from small serviced apartments, medium chain motel/hotel companies and through to large holiday or hotel complex's requiring specialised freight services.
-    Do you run a hotel and looking for a freight concierge type of service?
-    Are your staff running around chasing up freight problems?
-    Do you need a support center who can manage the entire delivery process?
-    Looking for an instant freight quote calculator to support your front line staff?
-   Is your business looking for ways to service your clients better?
Sree Krishna Shipping, Hospitality and Concierge Services are proud to offer our freight concierge service and support to remain the industry leaders in freight concierge services.
How concierge services add stars to your business?
At a work place, we will often find executives swapping between urgent Vs important. At the work place, there are numerous errands which may not How concierge services add stars to your business?contribute in the operational productivity of the business, but they are still urgent and have to be done. Such tasks many involve lot of administration and may take much of your precious time. These not so productive tasks are usually cyclic, which keeps coming to you every day. This may greatly hinder in your productivity. Now business professionals are quite fortunate to have a creative solution in the form of concierge services. They will cut down your task responsibilities by creatively performing them, increasing your efficiency altogether. Concierge services can benefit in a lot of ways. There are quite diverse in their services, it is only up to you what level of membership you wish to choose. They help you cut down your overheads and much of additional costs. It eradicates the need of hiring extra staff. Moreover, as the professionals get to focus more on productive tasks, company tends to grow at a better pace. Once you escort the services, they can magically get your small necessary things done. Important tasks like setting the calendar, car washes, event arrangement, catering services, vacation planning, and guests pick up, ordering limos and many other small and big errands are simplistically done.
Posted on 03 Dec 2010 by Padmalayam Krishnan

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