Marine Solutions


K-Sec is  an India based service provider of offshore and onshore oil and gas facilities.Whether you are installing a platform in environmentally and physically demanding waters, or simply need engineering support, our offshore engineering team can help. We pride ourselves on offering advanced engineering solutions that are supported by decades of operational know-how. Our Capabilities include Feasibility and Proof of Concept Studies, Front-End Engineering Design, Project Cost Analysis and Heavy-Lift Transport Engineering and Project Management.

Dive Solutions


Our commercial divers go to the seabed to perform the delicate maneuvers required to put together, maintain, and disassemble offshore wells, rigs, and pipelines, everything from flipping flow valves, to tightening bolts with hydraulic jacks, to working in tight confines around a blowout preventer, becaause none of the remotely operated vehicles have the touch, maneuverability, or human judgment for the job. At this moment, all around the world, one of our commercial divers living at pressure inside saturation systems is doing one of these jobs, with all the ultra modern safety systems.

Marine Safety Solutions


We are primarily focusing on Maritime Security and Counter-Piracy Services, Armed and Unarmed Maritime Security, and the Security of Ports and Strategic Waterways. Given the growing problem of maritime piracy, particularly off the coast of Somalia, the Gulf of Aden, and the Indian Ocean, we are developing this new directory. We also intend to incorporate here companies focusing on the offering of assistance with the implementation of the ISPS Code as well as those securing domestic ports and waterways prone to terorists and other political and economic disturbances..

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Our Personnel

Key Personnel



Name of the Recruitment and Placement Service                          :

M/s. Krishnamrutam Enterprises Private

Limited (Merchant Navy Division)



Address                                   :             

Level 13, Platinum Techno Park,

Plot No.17/18, Sector 30A, Vashi

Navi Mumbai 400 705

Maharashtra, India





Designation                                    :

Managing Director



Name                                             :

Padmanabhan Krishnan



Responsibilities                              :

Overall Management



Educational Qualification                 :

Bachelor of Science



Professional Qualification                 :

SAS, IA & AS, Software Architecture

Five years’ experience in Indian Maritime Administration as Dy. Director General of Shipping

Proficiency in all RDBMS, programming languages like JAVA, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, XML and so on.



Experience                                          :

30 years of experience as ‘Administrator’ in Government

5 years as Deputy Director General of Shipping, Directorate General of Shipping, Mumbai

4 years as Joint Controller (Finance & Administration), Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai





Designation                                    :




Name                                             :

Padmakumar Krishnan



Responsibilities                              :

Commercial Operations (Ship Management)



Educational Qualification                 :

Master of Science (Physics)



Professional Qualification                  :

Banking Services




Experience                                      :

4 years in Stevedoring, Customs Clearance & Port Management

Shipping Consultancy





Designation                                    :

Executive Director Operations



Name                                             :

Capt. Jaspal Rajput



Responsibilities                              :

Day-to-day operations of the company

Administrative co-ordination with the ship-owners and other shipping entities like maritime institutions,

Provide administrative support to the technical personnel.

In-charge of all advertisements, screening of applications, arranging interviews and all administrative activities



Educational Qualification                 :

Master Mariner F.G, MMD Mumbai, Govt. Of India


Professional Qualification                  :

Ship Security Officer Course / Ship Handling (Simulator)


Experience                                          :

20 years of sailing experience





Designation                                    :

General Manager (Technical) &

Designated Person Ashore (DPA)



Name                                             :

Capt. Sushil Nain



Responsibilities                              :

Chief Nautical Surveyor

Joint Ship Management (DPA)

Personnel selection






Experience                                         :

6 years sailing experience as Chief Engineer

Refresher and updating Training Individual Evaluation at Management Level










Designation                                    :

Company Security Officer



Name                                             :

Capt. Gurbux Singh



Responsibilities                              :

Security assessment and response for vessels managed by KShip



Educational Qualification                 :

Company Security Officer’s Course

Certificate of Competency as a master of a foreign going Ship

Indian COC No.: IF00-2635

Indian CDCNo.:BY63030


Professional Qualification                  :

Company Security Officer’s Course



Experience                                         :

20 years sailing experience

8 years teaching experience





Designation                                    :

Marine Superintendent



Name                                             :

Pravin Singh



Responsibilities                              :


Overall management of safety management system



Educational Qualification                 :

Master Mariner, Extra Ist class


Professional Qualification                  :

Master Mariner



Experience                                         :

20 years in sailing experience





Designation                                    :

Marine Surveyor



Name                                             :

Engr. Nandan Kilpady



Responsibilities                              :


Site visits in the major ports sector

Preparation of annual technical budgets

Carry out pre-purchase inspections and provide inputs to the top management

Provide inputs for safe and healthy operations of the fleet for continual improvement



Educational Qualification                 :

Marine Engineer, Class 1 (Motor)



Professional Qualification                  :

Fellow, Narottam Morarjee Institute of Shipping, Mumbai



Experience                                         :

20 years of working experience in different Shipping Companies




Chief Examiner, Nautical

Capt. Charanjeet Singh

A10, Block No. 8, Sagar CHS,

Sec 10 Kopar Khairane

Navi Mumbai


Iran Representative Surveyor and Flag Inspector

Engr. Sasan Mehrkhah

Having his operational office at: Astiag Shipping (LLC)


TEL: +971 6745 9191
FAX: +971 67459149



Egypt Surveyor                               :

Sr. Surveyor and Flag Inspector



Name                                             :

Capt. Rahmi AYKAC


Address                                         :

Nationality: Turkish)
Having his operational office at: Aries Shipping Line (Panama) S. A
ADDRESS: Ave. Ricardo J.


Responsibilities                              :


Survey and inspection of vessels in Egypt and Turkey


Educational Qualification                 :


DG Shipping Approval No.MS Notice 15/2001/4688




12 & 13.

Dubai Representative Surveyor and Flag Inspector

Capt. Chiranjeev Singh, Sunrise Shipping Fze (Sharjah) S.A




Capt. Sushil Nain, Continental Maritime

Dubai and Iran




South India Representative Surveyor and Flag Inspector

Capt. AP Jose

Met Marine Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Shop No.110, Ground Floor Vindhya Complex, 1, Sakal Bhavan Rd, Sector 11, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400614

Phone: 099679 72199



North India Representative Surveyor and Flag Inspector

Capt. Inder Malik

S2, Haware Centurion Park


Navi Mumbai, India

Tel No. +919920537179


Singapore Representative Surveyor and Flag Inspector                          :

Capt. Jonathan Foong

50 Bukit Batok Street 23, Singapore 659578

Phone: +65 6468 8776


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